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Power soccer tournament offers quality and excitement.

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The Atlanta Synergy Power Soccer Team was crowned champion of The Americas Champions Cup. The team of six athletes, all of whom use power wheelchairs, competed against seven other squads from the U.S. and Canada during a two-day tournament in Suwanee, Ga., on October 23–24, 2009.

“The Americas Champions Cup was filled with exciting matches, quality football, and good sportsmanship,” says Jonathan Newman, president, Americas Zone of the Federation Internationale de Powerchair Football (FIPFA). “The final—pairing the two undefeated teams, Atlanta Synergy and Circle City Rollers (Indianapolis)—was the best match of the event, as both teams attacked and de­fended brilliantly. In the end, Synergy rode its relentless offense and stonewall defense to a 4–0 victory. Power soccer requires strategy, precise plays, and impeccable teamwork, and we were thrilled to watch eight of the best teams in North America compete.”

Participants were the Atlanta Synergy, Ball State Cardinals, Circle City Rollers, RHI Sudden Impact, Vancouver Lightning, Team Quebec, North Shore Eagles, and Okanagon Thunderchairs.

FIPFA organized the inaugural Americas Champions Cup. The event was hosted by the Fernando Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Duluth, Ga., that is committed to the growth of power-chair football in the U.S. and abroad. The tournament was created to provide international-match experience for players, coaches, and referees and to prepare for the Powerchair Football World Cup in 2011.

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