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Reprinted from PN May 2012

Urology Health series is designed to help medical professionals and clinicians.

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Medical professionals and clinicians have a new place to visit online to help further their education in urology health.

UroMed and Dorland Health have teamed up to publish a continuing-education series on a health issue that affects millions of Americans. Hollister Incorporated has provided an educational grant to support the series.

The Urology Health series offers 12 continuing-education articles written by clinical experts from a wide range of healthcare organizations. Each article is worth up to two hours of continuing-education credits. The content, related to urology health, includes topics on:

-   Neurogenic bladder

-   Spina bifida

-   Spinal-cord injury

-   Multiple sclerosis

-   Caregiving issues

The continuing education series on urology health is applicable to the following types of healthcare professionals:

-   Case Managers

-   Clinical Nurses

-   Disability Management Specialists

-   Life Care Planners

-   Nurse Practitioners

-   Urology Nurses

-   Rehabilitation Nurses

-   Social Workers

-   Wound Care Nurses

To take part in the series or for more information, visit 


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