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Online Exclusive posted Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 2:23pm

Pack your bags and grab your passport. We're going to Italy

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Seable is a one-of-a-kind social enterprise that organizes active and accessible vacations to the beautiful city of Sicily, Italy for those with limited mobility and the visually impaired.

Vacation packages are individually tailored to the desires of the customer. Imagine being given the opportunity to choose from a relaxing vacation lounging on the beach or an event-filled, active vacation – and everything in between! Customers are able to choose the particular activities they want to participate in, according to social media coordinator Juveria Farooq.

Do you and your newlywed spouse want to jet off together? Is your family finally getting the chance to spend some quality time adventuring abroad? Vacations can be arranged for individuals, couples, families, and groups up to six people.

Customers can participate in five days of assisted scuba diving, ending with a final license that permits diving worldwide. Also offered is canoeing, jet skiing in the Mediterranean Sea, archery, horseback riding, and fishing with local Sicilian fisherman, who are always eager to pass on some old-country traditional techniques.

It’s no secret that Italy is known for its delicious cuisine. Experience rich pastas and locally made wines along with trips to national award-winning olive oil destinations, fishing villages, and renowned areas for the production of pistachios.

Get your fix of local culture and nature with excursions to historical archeological parks, European Renaissance cities, and boat rides in the Ciane River.

Seable works with the Sicilian charity L.I.F.E (Life Improvement for Everyone), giving customers the chance to experience the local, natural beauty of Sicily’s incandescent volcanoes that light the night sky, miles of golden beaches, a stunning mountainous coastline, and clear blue seas, says Farooq.

Accommodation is arranged in two 100% accessible luxurious 4-star hotels, the Grant Hotel Faraglioni and the Marina Palace, according to Farooq.

There’s no need to worry about setting up transportation during your trip as it’s provided from the time of arrival until you depart. Vans with back ramps are available for wheelchairs, and all restaurants visited have been inspected and approved to ensure they are fully accessible, says Farooq.

All activities offered through Seable are organized around physically and visually impaired disabilities, but medical forms signed by customers’ general practitioner are necessary in order to approve them fit for the sports activities.

Stay updated with Seable on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If there is any other sport or activity of interest not already included or you have any questions, contact Seable staff at (+44) 207-749-4840 or For more information, visit


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Seable: Enjoy Accessible Vacations


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