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Melio rep Debbie Barker visits with Natalie Barnhard during the NY Abilities Expo. Photo Lisa Wells.
Online Exclusive posted Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 9:53am

New product has a leg up on innovation

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Millions of people wrestle with the challenges that come with wearing a leg bag. Those include unexpected leaks; complications in emptying the bag when you are on the road and other surprises that may literally “pop up.”

Stories abound about leg bags going awry, with fellow wheelchair users sharing a laugh over leaving a trail on the dance floor, or losing a shoe in the toilet as they prop their leg up to empty their system.

There’s a better way to wear your leg bag, a way that focuses on you as the star of the show while keeping your leg bag where it belongs – discreetly hidden away.

The new Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System© empties your leg bag with a push of a button – and it tells you when it’s time.  Created by a British inventor who wanted to help his father who had suffered a stroke, Melio was born out of a desire to restore independence and dignity for leg bag users worldwide.

Former Paralympic athlete and Life After Spinal Cord Injury [LASCI] founder Bert Burns discovered Melio during a Medtrade event.

“Melio answers one of the biggest inconveniences of using the bathroom when you’re away from home. It never fails – every time I visit a public restroom, the handicap stall is occupied by someone who is not a wheelchair user,” Burns explains. “With Melio, I don’t have to wait for that stall to free up. I can just roll up to the urinal like any other person and empty the leg bag system straight into the urinal. No mess, no clean up.”

Melio Offers Independence and Convenience

Besides its’ obvious convenience, Melio is known to increase independence by:

Eliminating embarrassing drips or leaks – by the push of a button you can empty this leg bag. This way you don’t have to move your leg or get your hands wet.

Eliminating backflow – let the built-in sensor alert you when the bag is full. With this reminder, you can avoid backflows.

Reduce the risk of a UTI – without the hassle of emptying your leg bag, it helps to encourage proper hydration, which in return can reduce the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

Keeping it simple – the Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System not only relieves individuals of the everyday struggle of emptying their leg bag, but it helps to improve their quality of life by being discrete and easy to use.

How It Works

The integrated sensor in the Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System© monitors the urine bag level, sending a signal to the controller when the leg bag is approximately 2/3 full.

The controller on your waistband alerts you when the leg bag is approximately 2/3 full via a flashing amber light and discreet vibration. You can also turn on an audio alarm. When you’re ready to empty the urine bag, simply push the buttons on the top or bottom of the controller to activate the pump.

If you have limited dexterity, you can use the magnetic bracelet to activate the pump. Simply hold the bracelet against the front of the controller to activate it.

Get Connected with Melio

Learn more about the Melio Self-Emptying Leg Bag System or try it for yourself. Visit their user-friendly website at or call 800-482-2907. Or, you can inquire about Melio with your local urological supplies provider who can obtain the product from Independence Medical.


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