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A Salute to Shorty
Brittany Martin

A look at the life of Michael 'Shorty' Powers

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2017 World Para Alpine Skiing Championships

2017 World Para Alpine Skiing Championships in Tarvisio, Italy


If you're looking to increase flexibility and improve core strength, yoga may be for you 

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Photo of the week

We'll be at the 2017 Rugby Rave coming to Phoenix, Ariz.. in February 

September 2011 Table of Contents

Going the Distance

With a little help along the way, dreams are finally coming true for two athletes from Africa.

A New Frontier

Are you looking for an adventure? This one will test you beyond what you thought was possible.

Cream of the Crop

Athletes were at the top of their game for this annual junior competition.

Miracles in Minnesota

This annual sports camp illustrates that while you can't control much of what happens in life, you can control your attitude in how you deal with each trial and tribulation.

Too Much to Shoulder

We're told exercise and staying active is good for us. But what happens when all that racing, biking, basketball, rugby, etc., starts to take a toll?

Big-Game Bonanza

An African hunting trip presents some challenges but many more amazing rewards.

Logician Extraordinaire

Athletes and brain power are words not often used in the same sentence. But this deep thinker takes that notion and throws it out the door.

Also in this issue:


  • Korie Homan (Netherlands) retires due to a wrist injury.
  • Maui (Hawaii) Park & Recreation receives funding for wheelchair tennis program.
  • USTA offers grant money to programs that meet certain criteria.
  • Wimbledon winners include Ronald Vink and Maikel Scheffers.
  • Starting a wheelchair tennis program requires many key elements.


  • Dixie Games wraps up in Tampa.
  • Fast-paced action takes place at Great Lakes Regional Games.
  • The North American Challenge Cup provides sailing opportunities to many.
  • Billiards competitions heats up.


  • Athletes team up for Turning Point's DK 3 on 3 Invitational.
  • University of Texas sports scholarships available.


  • Anglers bring home big bass at Texas Roundup Bass Tournament.
  • Walleye tournament features great weather and great catches.
  • Ken’s Power Caster provides fishing independence.


  • First junior women’s world championship basketball tournament makes history.
  • Florida park district receives funding for youth tennis program.
  • Scholarship fund provides funds for Texas students.


  • Nick Taylor's 15 years of tennis has taken him around the world.


  • Nordic skiing program gets new director.
  • U.S. Ski Team coach Ray Watkins is named Paralympic Coach of the Year.
  • Computer golf game challenges many.
  • U.S. Paralympics add six new Paralympic Sports Clubs.
  • Active Hands gripping aides may provide better grip.

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